On a cliff at the birds mountain on Runde you have direct view to one of the most beautiful theaters in the nature.


Imagine the horizon and the shimmering ocean, add the puffin, sometimes in big swarms or just a few that comes in from the ocean at night. Here you are close up on something that is even better than the best nature programming from BBC. This is a very special experience wether you are an eager bird watcher or just on a hiking trip with friends or family.

Half hour roadtrip from Fosnavåg to Runde you will find a well marked and organized hiking trail from the parking spot at Goksøyr. You will soon arrive on an edge of the birds mountain. Then you turn left, follow the edge of the cliff and climb down the ladder to the Lundeura.

Runde light house

At the very edge of Runde you will find the light house, this is one of the oldest light houses in Norway. This is literal as close to the big ocean that is possible to come. You arrive on a well organized and marked trail. On the last path down the steep hill to the light house you find stairs made of stone. An average time on this trip is one and a half hour. Here are several houses, a new automated lighthouse, and det old lighthouse right next to the water. One of the houses are now functioning as accommodation for hikers.


A somewhat short hiking trail with a grand view. Muletua at Nerlandsøya is absolutely a good alternative to the longer hike to the birds mountain at Runde.

You will find fewer birds but there are also fewer people on the trail. The cliffs are as steep and the view just as grand. There is not a birds mountain here but the sea eagle is often spotted in the area. Muletua is located by the sea with tracks from that tells a story about the locals fight for survival in the area.

Heid and Hornseten

The hiking at Heid and Hornseten is a trail with panorama view on our city mountain.

Our well facilitated track will give you a grand view to the famous Sunnmørsalpene (alps of Sunnmøre) and to the big ocean that stretches as far as the eye reaches. You can access the trail from different places, from the harbor there is a steep trail to the top, if you choose to go from Sunnmørsbadet there is actually a hill the locals call the «monster trail» wich is definitely a place to test your condition. Or you can take the easy trail from the other side were you can go with a children buggy or even a wheel chair.


You find the mountain Rjåhornet in Gurskøya, which is the biggest island in the region. Here you find a variation of heather and marches, meadows and valleys.

This trip is the longest hike in Herøy, the round trip is more than 8 kilometers. When you reach the top you will experience a wide view towards the Sunnmørsalpene (the alps of Sunnmøre) and you will also see the amounts of small isles surrounding the area. The longest trip goes from the parking spot at road number 61 at Leikongeidet, but you can also access the trail from Tjørvåg, Djupvika and Leikong. 


It is not everyday you get an opportunity to hike at a place like Skorpa

The only way to get there is by boat and you need to know your way around the boat and the ocean.The harbor at this island needs skilled seamanship, but a great adventure awaits you. The trail goes from the harbor through the area with the old houses and then up a steep hill to Keipen which is located 431 meter above sea level. This place give you the feeling of being at the edge of the world, in addition this is one of the few places were you can see the wild goat, also called the coast goat with itś big, gorgeous horns.

You will find more hiking trails here: 

Trail with lights at Leikong

A very nice hike on a easy accessible road through the forest, it also have lights for trips in the dark.

3 kilometers on two coherent trails. In seasons with enough snow there are even made trails for skiing. Easy available and slightly hilly terrain in a nice forest with old pine trees and an experience of the countryside on the biggest island in Herøy. You can park your car by road nr 61 at Leikongeidet.