Cave and wreck diving, seagrass and diving with the seals.

Herøy have lots of places for diving with different degrees of difficulty and depths. Here are places available from land and places you need boat to access. Herøy was definitely put on the divers maps early in the 1970ś when divers found the big gold treasure from the ship wreck Akerendam (1725) at Runde. But here are more wrecks to discover, for example the cargo ship Arisan that ship wrecked here early in the 1990ś outside Runde. At Runde you can also dive in grottos. At the Grasøyene you can swim next tot seals and many places you will find scallops and catfish for your dinner.

The divers club in Herøy can tip you more about these places.



In Herøy you can go climbing with the roar from the big ocean in your back.

The trails at Nerlandsøya is well known and popular in the climbers community.  Koperstadhola have several bolted routs, all of them with overhang and degrees of difficulty at 6+ and 8+. In the Mulevika we have one of the most complete climbing areas. There you will find difficulty degrees from 3 to 8-. Each route is not so long but there are dozens of routes to choose from so you can keep climbing for as long as you like. You can vary the climbing at Mulevika with swimming and playing around the giant stones at one of the most beautiful beaches in Norway.

You will find more information here: http://www.klivrelaget.no/foer...